We provide a complete maid hiring solution. From our vast selection of maids (approved by Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia) to delivering your chosen maid straight to your doorstep, PRAKUU make it easier for you.


Maid hiring couldn't get easier with PRAKUU. We have a highly experienced helpdesk team that will be most happy to assist you anytime, anywhere. Your satisfaction is our priority!


With PRAKUU, there are thousands of maid profiles to choose from. PRAKUU will gives you the complete freedom to select your maids based on your criteria such as skill sets, source countries, ages and others.




As Employer Seeking for Maid

We are proud to be able to provide skillful maids to our customers. With a passion for customer service, we put our clients first and find the best possible solutions for their business and personal financial solutions.

As Agent Supplying Maid

We are keen to work with agents interested in supplying maids in the South East Asia region, particularly from Indonesia, Philipines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. Interested? Contact us now.

As PRAKUU Business Partner

We are actively looking for business partners in maid supply, marketing and promotions. If you are interested and keen to work with our great team, let's talk further on the future opportunities and colloborations.



1. Is PRAKUU a registered agency?

No. PRAKUU is an IT platform that brings together source country and local agency to bridge and provide a solution for faster and cheaper maid recruitment for Malaysia.

2.Are the Maids offered by PRAKUU qualified maids?

Yes. The maids offered on PRAKUU are fully trained maids by source countries with certificates

3.Do the Maids have warranty?

Yes. Warranty is provided by the agencies at 30 days change request

4.What happens if Maid give me problems?

The local agency will address and provide free counselling to the maid up to 90 days

5.Who does the FOMEMA and PLKS?

Local agency will process but checkup at FOMEMA and later pickup PLKS is done by employer

6.What about getting maid from source country to Malaysia?

This done by source country and local agency, all processing is legal and follows the law, which also includes flight ticket and airport pickup with post briefing

7.Is there a refund?

Refund for maid structure is done managed by local agency, according to the employment contract.

8.Are there any other charges?

The fee quoted here are based on: a) 1st maid application only - 2nd maid levy fees are RM200 extra b) Stamping and Notary is done by employer c) This package is only a basic package to allow

9.Can my friend or relative handle documents for me?

No. All employers are required to collect the Calling Visa at local agency themselves.

10.What is the maximum number of maids can I book at a time ?

Employers can book three (3) maids at a time, but only one maid will be accepted by the agent at source country.




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